Wild Hawk Productions is launching a Official Music video song BAKKI of Karan Singh Bajwa

The wait is finally over! Wild Hawk Productions is launching the official music video for their latest song, “Bakki.” The song features Karan Singh Bajwa and is sure to get your feet tapping. Wild Hawk Productions is known for their creative and innovative music videos, and “Bakki” is no exception. With stunning visuals and a catchy beat, the video is sure to be a hit with fans. So what are you waiting for? Check out the video now and see for yourself!

What is Wild Hawk Productions?

Wild Hawk Productions is a Canadian production company specializing in music videos and short films. Founded in 2016 by BAAJ BAJWA, Wild Hawk has produced videos for artists such as Karan Singh Bajwa, Baaj Bajwa, and Professor Sidhu. The company’s first project was the music video for Baaj Bajwa’s “Maa”.

Wild Hawk Productions is also partner BBF and Hawk Media committed to creating high-quality visuals that tell a story and connect with audiences. The company works with a team of talented directors, cinematographers, and editors to bring their vision to life.

What is the BAKKI song?
The BAKKI song is a folk and Hip-Hop song from the state of Punjab and Streets of Canada. It is sung by Karan Singh Bajwa From Canada about the Classic Cars(Bakki is a Punjab word, In English called Mare). The lyrics of the song are written in Punjabi, and it is set to a Hip-Hop tune. The song has been popularized by the Punjabi singer Karan Singh Bajwa, who has released an official music video for the song.

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Who is Karan Singh Bajwa?
Karan Singh Bajwa is a singer, songwriter, and music producer from Canada. He started his career from New Zealand as a solo artist in 2009, and has since released several singles. His music is a mix of traditional Indian sounds and contemporary pop and Hip Hop. He launched his own Music Production label, BBMC.

The Official Music video for BAKKI
The YouTube channel of Wild Hawk Productions has been launched today with the release of the Official Music video for BAKKI. The song is sung by Karan Singh Bajwa and the music is composed by Karan Singh Bajwa too. The video is about classic cars, visuals by BBF.

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The Best latest Punjabi song 2022 BAKKI by Karan Singh Bajwa
The best latest Punjabi song Bakki by Karan Singh Bajwa is all set to release on Wild Hawk Production’s YouTube channel. The song has been composed and sung by Karan himself. The music video of the song Bakki has been directed by BBF. The song Bakki is a heart touching ballad which is based on the classic cars. The visuals of the song Bakki features the classic cars.